Rope Access

Some times access is not safe enough to simply access without safety precautions, therefore we ensure safety is paramount at all times with the assistance of Rope Access when the likelyhood of a fall may exist.

Operators are protected from falling from height by:

Rig a safe anchor system along the entire stretch

The anchor system will consist of double rigging, which will provide complete redundancy if one system fails.

The Rope Access rigging components are all to EU standard, with SWL of 2500kg.

Operators are protected from falls by:

Tie into this system prior to entering the danger zone .

The operators will use double, automatic fall arrest systems and safety harness.

If one automatic system fails system fails the other will provide full protection to the operator.


Minor incidents, both operators are First Aid Trained.

First aid kit are provided and with operators

Serious Incident Management will be co-ordinate by Emergency Services.

Location pre set in mobile with GPS co-ordinates


PPE provided, boots, harness, fall arrest systems, Industry Rope Access Techniques