Leaf removal (seasonal cleansing)

No one likes raking their leaves and leaf removal as it’s tedious and never ending; but with our equipment and friendly staff, we can remove all with speed and efficiency allowing you to concentrate on better things.
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As a company WATSON CCS LTD can clear the leave fall from your driveways, grass areas, car parks and anywhere else you can think of.  We can also dispose of any unwanted leaves from your garden safely and economically. With the onset of Autumn comes the yearly leaf fall season. Typical Autumn weather often includes heavy winds that speed up leaf fall, and sometimes heavy rains can occur as well. People are reminded that it is illegal to sweep or blow leaves into the road but by using our services and our highly trained team members you will not have to.

Most people do not enjoy raking and bagging leaves. However, when the leaves pile up and start blowing into the road and next doors garden, it is probably time to call WATSON CCS.

With all the raking, bagging, and tipping, cleaning up the leaves in your garden is a lot of hard work that you should not have to worry about.

With years of experience WATSON CCS LTD can clear your garden in no time. offering one off clearances or a longer term agreement at very competitive rates we can guarantee a leaf free garden in no time!