Hazardous Waste

When it became apparent that hazardous waste should not be buried in landfill sites (items like tyres, microwaves and fridges) the Environmental Agency created a list. This was called the List of Wastes. The List of Wastes  was then broken down with different categories of what is hazardous, what isn’t hazardous and what may be hazardous. Therefore, many items that need disposing of have to be treated in different ways depending on their category. For example, separating the components for re-use or for recycling. However some substances may need to be treated using specialist methods.

Due to the classification of some of these hazardous goods, it is vital for waste carriers such as ourselves to adopt methods of safe transportation.

Important information straight from the Environmental Agency

If you produce 500 kg or more of hazardous waste each year at one of your sites you must register it with the Environment Agency. Registration is annual so every 12 months you must renew your registration if you expect to produce that amount of hazardous waste. If your business has more than one premises producing more than 500 kg hazardous waste you will need to register each of them.

If you produce less than 500 kg in a year you do not need to register.

Further information is available by clicking the following link: A guide to the Hazardous Waste Regulations