Fly Tipping Removal

Fly Tipping is the common term used to describe waste illegally deposited on land and in simple terms, a single bin bag upwards to entire skips.

The illegal disposal of waste is an anti-social behavior that is adversely affecting the amenity of our local environments and reducing civic pride.

• A new incident of fly-tipping occurs every 12 seconds at a cost to the public purse of around £72 a minute.

• The estimated cost of clearing illegally dumped waste reported by local authorities in 2006-07 was £73.7m

• the estimated the cost of clearing fly-tipping from agricultural land alone in 2005/06 was approx. 47m

The problem of fly tipping could lead to a decrease in your properties value
• Local authorities in England reported that they had dealt with more than 2.6m incidents of fly-tipping in 2006-07.

• Over half (56 per cent) of fly-tipping incidents reported were in alleyways.

• Black bags full of domestic rubbish account for 63 per cent of all fly-tipping.

• 77 per cent of fly-tips involved household waste.

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