Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

Is your company environmentally friendly?

Yes, environmentally friendly products are available and we are always looking for green advances, hence why we are proud of our ISO: 14001 Environmental Quality Assurance standard.

Are the cleaners insured?

Yes, we have public liability & product insurance, as well as employers insurance with a cover of up to £10 million.

How can I contact you?

It’s easy; use our free phone number, local number or our enquiry form on this website, alternatively you can write to us or join any of our social networks i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Is my cleaner covered for any type of absence?

Yes. We will always supply at no extra.

Can you collect items from inside our property?

Yes, however we recommend that the goods are placed outside for ease of access and this also benefits the customer with a more attractive price.

Will you provide all the cleaning materials and equipment?

Yes, we will provide everything necessary to carry out the job effectively.

What do you clean?

We endeavour to clean anything!  Our staff have the expertise where required and the company has the provisions  with many Health & Safety elements in readiness if they are to arise, we also have specialist equipment to service almost every  area of your business/residential premises. If we cannot meet your service requirements we shall do our best to find a suitable solution.

Do you supply a comprehensive service which includes Janitorial supplies?

Yes, we can supply a one off clean or a comprehensive full environmental package. Including all janitorial and hygiene supplies if required.

How much will I pay?

That will depend on the size, frequency and complexity of the service. However we offer a free non obligation quote services and rates start from as little as £20 + vat.

Are your staffs vetted?

All staff are experienced, trained and certificated where required. CRB checks have been carried out on a pool of staff where the requirements are present, however we advise you inform us immediately if this is a requirement.

What if I’m not happy with my cleaner?

If for whatever reason you are unhappy and the problem cannot be resolved or you are adamant you do not wish to have that particular person at your site. Then we would supply someone else.

Do I get to choose when my cleaning takes place?

Due to our flexibility we are able to work around your needs. So we will always endeavour to ensure we have a cleaner who is available for when you want them to be.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes all of our work is 100% guaranteed and a client satisfaction form is always presented at the end of the service for you to complete.

Are all your quotations free of charge?

Yes. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Is your pest control methods pet and child safe?

This is possible, however please make us aware of this requirement before commencement.

How long does it take between the initial quote and the commencement of works?

We will always endeavour to be as prompt as possible as your needs are our greatest concern. However we may require a couple of days to make sure we have all the supplies required if the job is quite unique.

Do you supply service for long term pest problems?

We can offer long term or short term pest solutions depending on your needs.