Event Cleaning Services

Current events experiences include:

Watson CCS can provide the support required for any large event to include litter and recycling facilities for use during the event and emptying after, we can also service public convenience with cleaning and restocking as required,  litter clearing during and after.

Prior to any event we would recommend a meeting to discuss all the arrangements , so we can ascertain the requirements of facilities i.e. toilets, waste, recycling, flyer distribution, food stands, stage location, etc.

During the event we would provide the necessary maintenance of facilities to keep the grounds environmentally safe and clean, to include the prevention of over spill of rubbish/recycling.

After the event we will ensure you return the duty of care back to the land owners i.e. bring back to good, we will bring the site location back to its normal litter free state.

Watson CCS offer many types of Cleaning, Waste and Pest Control services.  If you want a multitude of services or a repeated service you could save more by having one of our tailor made a Multi-Service packages.

Watson CCS are a step ahead of most other service providers, not just because they offer more of an array of services but also because they offer multi skilled specialist services.