Breathing Apparatus

Certain jobs require specialist breathing equipment being the situation has hazardous gases or chemicals or something simple as pigeon Guano (poo) to cleaning out a loft space.

Breathing apparatus can be used for cleanup projects that could contain toxic or dangerous materials or airborne spoors.

At Watson CCS LTD not only do we pride ourselves on the standard of work that we achieve but also the upmost safety of our employers. They have been fully trained in how to work in confined spaces along with the necessary breathing equipment to give more depth to the services that we are able to provide.

Examples of confined spaces that breathing apparatus should be used in

  • Silos
  • Sewers
  • Ships holds
  • Storage tanks
  • ISO containers

Work activities requiring RPE

  • Sand/grit blasting
  • Boiler/tank inspections
  • Cleaning using solvents
  • Ship tank cleaning/inspection
  • Spraying
  • Chemical handling
  • Dusts
If you have a problem requiring any kind of service involving breathing equipment do not hesitate to give us a call so we can send one of our highly skilled members of staff to offer a free no obligation quote.