Attic Clearance

A loft or Attic Clearance can provide great storage or even work as a way to provide more space around the family home. Unfortunately, the problem with lofts is that they tend to get neglected and this can build up to it being full of items that you no longer need or require. Clearing it out can not only be difficult, but also very messy!

We offer a professional service to guarantee that your loft or attic will be cleared as quickly and as smoothly as possible with little to no disruption to your family home. Our team will do all the heavy loading and hard work so all you have to do is sit back and tell them exactly what you want removed.

Call us today and we can arrange a time that is most suitable for you for one of our Supervisors to visit free of charge and deliver a no obligation quote for clearance. We promise to send the price to you the very same day and if you are happy with it, our office will be able to book you in for as soon as possible.

CONTACT TODAY ON 01202 559918 or email us an enquiry at

If you have pests such as pigeons, mice, rats… we will happily provide eradication, prevention, and cleaning as required. An important factor here is we specialise in the three issues that all relate ie cleaning, waste removal and pest control any one of these services if ignored will lead to the other services being required.